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Here are some examples of wedding invitations Mr. Burns has created. Click on any picture to see it in more detail.

Please note: These are photographs of framed displays of the various cards and envelopes prepared for weddings or other functions. The resolution of these photographs, even when enlarged, do not show many of the fine details of Mr. Burn's work. Please use this page as a guide to what can be done for your party, and examine the images on other pages of this site to see the true quality of the invitations that can be made for your guests.
This invitation set is written in black, gold and light green inks. The invitation and dinner menu are engraved with the guest's name personalized by hand. The escort card, its envelope, and the mailing envelope are all hand-written in a modified round-hand style. They are ornamented with a "wheat-straw" motif and 24K gold highlights on the letters. The dinner menu is done on thick triple-stock paper. With your names and your guest's name on the dinner menu, people often keep them as a commemorative of your wedding. The edges of the dinner menu are beveled and gilded with gold. All are on a light ecru Crane paper.
This is another set of items from the same event. This grouping includes the dinner menu along with the escort card, its envelope and a placecard. While the style is the same, the decorations on each piece make them unique.