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Here are a few comments from Mr. Burns' clients:

Mr. Burns,

I wish to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for lending us your talents on my most recent birthday.

If the task of hand-lettering the invitation envelopes and place cards were left to me, there's a good chance none of my friends and relatives would have known where to go, or with whom to sit.

With Best Wishes,
        Lee Iacocca

[To the then-Vice-President of Shreve, Crump & Low, Ms. Jacqueline Grande, in April, 1999:]

Dear Ms. Grande:

My husband, Sam, and I are grateful to Shreve's Stationery Department for recommending Douglas Burns to us. His unique, impressive calligraphy on the envelopes we used for our daughter, Elizabeth's, wedding invitations initiated the tone of the entire wedding. Guests told us: "We knew this would be an elegant event. Who did the magnificent calligraphy?"

First impressions count. We couldn't have asked for better help than having Doug Burn's artistry.

Mr. Burns worked with us, as well, on all our calligraphic needs for the ceremony and reception. In addition to being very skilled, he is patient, helpful and delightful to work with graciously handling the last minute additions and changes.

We recommend him most highly.
    Very truly yours,
        Naomi Adelberg

Dear Doug,

Your extraordinary approach to calligraphy has received rave reviews! Your Spencerian Script embellished with gold "dits-dots-dashes" is elegant, unique, yet spare in its high style. It is truly an art form.

Your products for our daughter Kimberly's wedding surely contributed to her "Town and Country" June 2001 inclusion; an invitation was part of the submission requirement.

We are grateful for your beautiful work. Many thanks, Doug.
        Dick and Laura Langworthy (July, 27 2001)

Dear Douglas,

Words cannot express how truly beautiful & amazing the calligraphy for our wedding invitations were. We still receive compliment after compliment on how gorgeous the invitations look. You truly are a master of your trade! ...
        Tiffany & Jon-Michal Marr (September 13, 2001)

Doug hand-produced hundreds of extraordinary bookmark gifts for our clients. A few years later, we still get rave comments about them. They are truly unique masterpieces!"
    Bill Brady; President and CEO; AmeriFee Corporation (September 6, 2001)

Dear Mr. Burns,

The card is absolutely beautiful. I have never received anything like it. I am so touched that you took the time to make it for me. I will treasure it. Thank you so much!
     -- Stephanie Majeuski; August 17, 1999

Dear Doug,

Our guests were overwhelmed, and so was I, by the beauty of the placecards. They are exquisite! I think you very much for your generosity in making our Thanksgiving table the most special it has ever been. You are a gifted artist.
        Stephanie Sanders; November 28, 1999

You are the BEST!! -- Ann Shehade (March 18, 2001)

"I can't be faulted for wanting to carry my reading in public so as to flaunt the bookmark. You can be sure I'll be all smiles and comments when people remark about its beauty."
     -- Naomi Adelberg

Dear Mr. Burns --

Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me and the wonderment of beauty that you have given my guests the chance to see!

        Millicent Camille Starr