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Parties and Weddings

Your guests will be thrilled to receive an invitation to your celebration created by Mr. Burns. They will also love the artistry of hand-written placecards and menus. Whether your event is casual or formal, Mr. Burns will create appropriate and stunningly beautiful cards, menus, and envelopes. The undeclared Food Table Graphic King, Mr. Burns has vast experience in helping clients create presentations that elicit the responses you want from your guests. Smaller events, at which your individual attention to each guest is more greatly expected, are a specialty.


An important part of any celebration, especially weddings, is the invitation. Mr. Burns can help you design a unique and memorable invitation for any occasion. He will also hand-enscribe each envelope with the name and address of your guests, a nice touch that makes your guests anticipate something special from the moment they see the envelope in their mail.

You may see some examples of wedding invitations here.


The placecard is a courtesy that welcomes your guests to your table. An elegantly hand-written and tastefully decorated card conveys the thoughtfulness and care that you wish to express to your guests. They are, in fact, a little present to your guests.

Mr. Burns is a master at writing beautiful, unique placecards that will charm everyone. It is quite an experience to see one's name written in delicately colored inks, adorned with 24K gold highlights and lines thin as a whisper. No one just glances at these cards. Past clients have told Mr. Burns that everyone loves the placecards, and they always take them home with them.

You may see some examples of placecards here.


When planning a dining experience for your guests, you want to craft a menu that will please all their senses. This experience begins with the presentation of the table. Whether you are offering selections or just presenting the courses, a beautifully hand-written menu will prepare your guests for the deluge of pleasures you are about to give them. Mr. Burns can write menus for you in many styles, from the most formal to the just plain fun.

[ Examples of menus created by Mr. Burns will appear here soon.