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Here are some examples of placecards Mr. Burns has created. Click on any picture to see it in more detail.

Please note: Many of these cards have lines that are too fine to be properly reproduced on your computer screen. Even the high-resolution scans used in the detail images tend to miss parts of the very thin lines written in light-colored inks.
This placecard, like most of these examples, is written in a light green ink with a carefree, open style using very fine lines. It is ornamented with a "wheat-straw" motif and 24K gold highlights on each letter. The name is underlined with a broad gold line, with two fine black lines underneath. All are on a light ecru Crane paper.
This is another placecard from the same event. Note the similarity in style, yet there are differences in the decorations to ensure that each card is unique.
This is an example of a placecard for an informal gathering.
This placecard is from a set Mr. Burns created with a bee motif. The bee is printed in slightly raised gold. The names were written in black ink with 24K gold highlights on each letter. They are ornamented with a "wheat-straw" motif, and underlined with a broad gold line, with two fine black lines underneath. The paper is an off-white card, folded to stand up for better viewing.
This placecard was written as an example and gift to the designer of this website, who keeps it on his desk. Each letter is highlighted in gold, and it was delivered in a matching envelope with the name in the same style, but just slightly larger.