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Mr. Burns has produced corporate logos for many companies and organizations. Here is a smattering of examples. To see any logo in more detail, click on its image.

This logo was created for Fanny Farmer's Ribbon Candy. The style is based on a rare typeface.
This design was created for a travel agency in New York City.
This was created as a personal motif for a client. Mr. Burns made a thumb-sized engraving plate from this image for the engraving of stationery, as well as a rubber stamp to imprint this design.
A logo created for a real estate company in Massachusetts.
This logo was made for a Japanese restaurant for use as both signage and a menu cover. It is a good example of dry-brush calligraphy work.
This logo was created for an interior design firm, and used on their corporate stationery. The overlapping of the two initials portrays a sense of close collaboration and cohesiveness between the firm's partners.
This design is for a fund-raising company in San Francisco. Note the gold highlights on the capitals.
A crisp, straight-forward design for a graphics design firm.
This logo was made for a greeting card store in Boston. The use of grey ink for the capital gives it a subtly distinct look.
This design was made for a retail carpet outlet in New York City.
A logo for a luggage company.
This logo was designed for a men's clothing store.